Holidays are coming…

As usual, this time of year I am making costumes for my children.  As one has left the nest, I now only have to make two this year.  I am working on those in between making stuff for my store.  At this time, it is also what we have labeled:  Birthday Season.  For 61 days starting around Thanksgiving, we have 4 out of 5 birthdays in our home.  Our son is on November 22, then the girls are on Christmas day, then our anniversary is on December 30 and it all ends with my birthday on January 23.

It’s that season when I am busy making costumes and attending holiday bazaars.  If you live in the area, you can find me at some of the local events.  I plan to do one event per month so that I do not burn out but at the same time get some exposure.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I should add to my inventory.  I can make just about anything out of fabric, so the options are wide open.  Would you like to see more baby stuff?  or gifts for teens?  or items for the home?  Let me know what you are interested in.

I have completed some new stuff between working on costumes for my girls.  As soon as I take pictures, I will put them up on here.